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The unfortunate discovery of harmful chemicals in afro haircare lead Empress-Shera Williams, the creator and founder of Divine Nature to embark on a journey, to study, research, design, development and manufacture a collection of natural organic products that are free from toxic chemicals.

Specialising in creating natural organic cosmeceuticals that are both lavish and highly effective with targeted ingredients that work specifically for our customers concerns.

Our products are formulated by combining remarkable natural ingredients & green chemistry that are used for nourishing and improving the appearance of the skin and the hair, from the inside through supplementation, and from the outside,

through topical application, which is the preferred way for treating various conditions.










Why Divine Nature?


Pure. Ethical. Beneficial. We are committed to research, develop and manufacture the most innovative natural organic hair and skincare products using the wonders of nature.

Our philosophy is deeply rooted to inside out beauty. If we want to improve the appearance of our skin we must first improve the health of our bodily functions that are responsible for developing and sustaining our wellness.

All of our cosmetics are made in small batches allowing the products to always be fresh, natural, and good for you.

Our focus, mission, and our promise is to ensure,

Natural Toxic-Free Products 

Sustainable Farming and Fair Trade 

No Animal Testing

Providing Unparalleled Products

Creating Awareness

Plant- Based Beauty

Comprehensive Testing

Maximum Bioavailability 

Our Story

Divine Nature's Oil Serums
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